Ben Sherwoods Blog is Back!

Ben Sherwood’s Marine Business Blog where Ben continues his dialogue with dealers on issues facing the marine industry. Ben’s new blog will also feature the insights of long-time experts Henry H. “Skip” Hegel, Ralph Lambrecht, and John Underwood.

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3 thoughts on “Ben Sherwoods Blog is Back!

    1. Pete:

      It was a good magazine but in this economy, all print media is suffering from lack of ad revenue. Note how thin magazines, especially trade magazines, are getting.

      It was costing more to publish the magazine than ad revenues could support.


  1. Ben, I have to agree that the free magazines are shrinking. The paid for magazines are also shrinking so why not go a a 6 times a year magazine? As a potential advertiser in all of them I feel that many of the magazines ad rates have not changed with the world. My web site which costs very little to maintain brings inquiries from all over the world although customers are slow pulling the trigger and dealers are even slower adding new boat lines!

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