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Perception is Reality!

What image comes to mind when prospective customers think about your dealership?  What feelings does it evoke in them?

When I was head of sales for Johnson and Evinrude, one of our good dealerships was very successful in creating the perception in customer’s minds that it was the trustworthy place to buy a boat and motor and also to have it serviced. It was a well-deserved perception, as they did indeed sell quality products at fair prices and provide excellent service.

Gene and Hank (not their actual names) were partners in a Midwest dealership in a very competitive market. When asked, “Why should I buy a boat from you,” Gene, who handled most of the sales, would respond with, “Because you get me when you buy a boat here.” When asked, “What does that mean,” Gene was always ready with his answer. Continue reading Perception is Reality!

What Happens to Branding when the Going gets Hairy

brandingThere is a lot of really good stuff in print on the regularly revived marketing concept of “branding.” For those readers that immediately think of smoke rising off the back end of an indignant cow, we are talking about establishing a unique aura or culture around your place of business that distinguishes it from others – favorably, we hope. Hanging On Harry’s Boat Sales or Nearly Honest John’s Watercraft are not quite the brand images most of us seek. Continue reading What Happens to Branding when the Going gets Hairy