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Horse Trading – Really!

We trade for anything!
We Trade for Anything!

One time when I was a Chevy dealer, I ran some ads with the headline, “We trade for anything” just to see if it would generate some traffic and sales. I even put my old restored pony buggy in the showroom with a sign that read the same.

Shortly after the ad ran, a retired farmer stopped by to check out a used pickup truck that I had on the lot. It had high miles but the engine and body were both good. One of the salesmen took him for a test drive and he seemed very interested. He came back a couple of days later and talked to the salesman again about the truck, expressed strong interest but then left. A day or two after that back he came again, but this time he insisted he had to talk to me. He said he wanted to buy the truck but didn’t quite have enough money. He then asked if I would take his horse on trade. Really. I didn’t expect a horse trade from my ads. Continue reading Horse Trading – Really!