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If it’s broke, it’s broke. Fix what you can.

My father used to say that even selling nails was fun if you sold a lot. Many of us chose the boat business not only for a livelihood but to have fun even when sales weren’t over the top. It was certainly more fun when they were.

Recent financial events have taken the fun from even such a great endeavor as “messing about in boats.” We are all examining the question of how to get this fun back and at least stay alive financially until things improve. I have been a member of ABBRA (American Boat Builders and Repairers Association) as well as MRAA for virtually all of my career in the recreational marine industry. I have noticed that these boat yard guys get hit more gently when adversity overtakes the boat business, even though many are also dealers. That must be because real boaters continue to fix up and spruce up when they can’t (or won’t) afford a new boat. Continue reading If it’s broke, it’s broke. Fix what you can.