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Industry needs more entry-level boats

Kudos to William Sisson, Editor of Soundings Trade Only for his recent editorials regarding what he calls “simple, sensible boats.” I call them entry-level boats. But whatever you want to call them, we need more affordable boats for first-time buyers.

I have never met William Sisson, but from reading his editorials, there is no doubt in my mind that he knows more about boating and the marine industry than any other trade magazine editor I have known or read in the past several years. And it is encouraging to me that he recognizes and writes about the need for what he refers to as “a new generation of ‘sensible’ boats – simple, seaworthy, efficient and more affordable. Boats with value and utility, boats that will encourage people to get back on the water.” He is spot-on with his thoughts on this. Continue reading Industry needs more entry-level boats