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Some knew it was coming

My Dad predicted the current super recession. Knowing that, your next question to me should be, “Why ain’t you rich”.

The big problem with his prediction was that he started predicting it in the early 1960’s – or maybe even before that when I wasn’t listening. It still hadn’t really happened when he died in 1992. However, the perception that it could happen colored his economic activity all his life – mine, too probably. We had some near misses, but he always dismissed them as minor events compared to the coming of the real thing. Continue reading Some knew it was coming

Dealer inventory… It’s time for manufacturers to step up

Dealer trading
Dealer trading

Kudos to Scout Boats for their new Dealer Linked Inventory program! It lets dealers list their current boat inventory so other dealers can quickly locate a boat they need but don’t have in inventory. More manufacturers need to step up and develop similar programs simply because dealers are just not going to be able to stock as many boats as they did before the bottom fell out of the economy. Continue reading Dealer inventory… It’s time for manufacturers to step up

Now is the time!

Ed Lofgren

Contentious issues between marine dealers and manufacturers have existed for as long as I can remember. And I have been in this industry for many years. I do believe, however, that Now is the time! That’s right… now is the time, during this economic duress, for both dealers and manufacturers to forget about the contentious issues of the past, that so often negatively affected business relationships, and start working together for an industry renaissance. Continue reading Now is the time!